In business we think globally
and act locally.

According to the well-known saying - in business we think globally, act locally. Locally, does not mean only in Poland. Amica’s products are well  known not only to the Poles. They are already present in more than 40 countries, on four continents. This is  impressive but also very requiring. That is important,  because we still have to deal with the development and growth - both in local markets in different countries  and globally. Since, as they say, one who is not growing, who does not exceed the limits, stays  in place. And who stays in  place – disappears.

At the beginning there was  Amica. Today it is a leader of household appliances in the Polish market and one of the most recognizable and most trusted  Polish brands in the category of large household appliances, a popular choice among the customers.

Amica is also one of the most valuable Polish brands. In the ranking prepared by one of the most influential  newspaper in Poland "Rzeczpospolita" it was among the group of  hundred brands who achieved top position of rates which summed up for  the strength of the brand.

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A major brand in the Amica’s portfolio is Hansa. It is a company with 50 years of experience in creating household appliances. Hansa believes that household appliances can change the lives of users,  make it easier. Kitchen appliances offered by Hansa help create a comfortable and welcoming kitchen. Regardless of whether the customer choice falls on the oven, refrigerator or a  dishwasher, they can always be sure that they made the right choice. Facilities with Hansa logo offer an innovative technology, modern design and quality at an affordable price.

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Gram, which belongs to Amica, is a Scandinavian brand with the tradition, present in Denmark since 1899.  It is characterized by  distinctive and uncompromising product design and high quality. The brand is perceived as a prestigious one, as evidenced by the Superbrands Award which has been granted in 2008. Gram has been present in the Amica family since 2003 and completes its range of equipment valued not only by the Scandinavians, but all fans of the northern style and design.

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